Veolia plans to recycle batteries from electric cars in the UK

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According to estimates, “urban mining” – the use of recycled and scrap waste – can reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in battery production by up to 50%. The new facility to be built in Minworth, West Midlands, is this The first step in expanding recycling technology and processing capacity in the UK, which is expected to generate 350,000 tonnes of expired batteries from electric vehicles by 2040.

In the factory, batteries are first discharged and disassembled before recycling is completed by mechanical and chemical separation. In addition, the waste disposal company wants to use its global network to develop a comprehensive solution to the circular economy and manufacturing of battery precursors in Europe over the next five years.

“This is an important first step in the UK’s journey towards creating an ethical and sustainable battery supply chain, which is becoming increasingly essential as we transition to a greener economy,” said Gavin Graveston, Senior Executive Vice President Northern Europe at Veolia.

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