Vechta University, Football for Diversity, Science meets Sports Club and supports the reduction of discrimination

Even if no player in Germany’s professional football leagues currently identifies as gay, clubs are using the colors of the rainbow to set an example for acceptance and against homophobia and discrimination. Photo: Michael Seibert

Vechta University, Football for Diversity, Science meets Sports Club and supports the reduction of discrimination

Vechta, November 16, 2022

The #football #World Championship The Qatar Men’s Championship 2022 will start on Sunday, November 20, 2022. A country where human rights are restricted. A place that reflects the values ​​you are communicating from # football Questions. Good reason to look at the world of football in Germany as well. and a sport in which it is still difficult to speak openly about one’s sexuality in the professional business. For many years Univ. Mr. Dr. Martin Scheuer of Vechta University with his Center for Sport Psychological Counseling challenges the effects of discrimination in organized sport. And since 2013 he has also been the Scientific Director of the educational and research initiative “Football for Diversity – Football against sexism, homophobia, erotophobia and transphobia” of the Federal Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation. So far one goal #Workshop row for #related to And the #Communities In addition to conveying the central cognitive content, the main objective is to increase awareness of the different aspects and forms #discrimination To promote.

Schweier says that through his work, acceptance of all groups in organized sport should be promoted. In science in particular, there is still a great lack of research in this regard. Says Professor D. Dr.. Sister, “There is a growing willingness within the federations and clubs to deal with this issue.” However, this predisposition varies. “There is always an urgent need for action,” says the psychologist. In male professional football, there is no known active gay player in all of Germany. “It’s different in women’s football, perhaps less because of the high acceptance, but because of the lower status of women’s football in public perception and the influence of clichés about successful footballers,” says Schweyer. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender #identification There are other sports as well, “but it is particularly evident in football as a ‘male sport. ‘” Football has an “indisputably great integrative force for our society as a whole”.

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Mr. Dr. Together with his research assistant, Dr. Karin Seibertz Rijke, Scheuer held a similar event at VFL Oythe with the theme ‘Together for sexual and gender diversity in football’. »The members participated in the workshop with great commitment. Such regional models are needed in #sportswith the purpose of #discrimination It can be dismantled and a social climate of acceptance and appreciation can grow.” At the 75th Ordinary General Meeting now in session, VFL Oythe unanimously changed its Articles of Association as a result of this presentation. Fundamental is a first step”, but above all it is about starting a process that we know takes time and will not be implemented overnight” At the request of an 82-year-old member, it was proposed to take a neutral position against discrimination, and this was also included in Statutes based on the prohibition of discrimination in the Basic Law,” adds Scheuer.

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