December 5, 2023

Vatican/USA: Joint support for sport – Vatican News

This week, the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See and the Vatican Athletic Federation, Athletica Vaticana, welcome professional athletes Andrea Sampson and Anderson Goode. They are professional athletes from the United States. The US Embassy and Athletica Vaticana announced that the meeting, which lasted for several days with the athletes, was about a tangible experience under the slogan of the most authentic sporting values.

At the meeting of diplomats and athletes in the Vatican, they want to talk about topics of inclusion, fraternity and solidarity. Exchange moments take place throughout the week – from Monday to Friday. According to the program it is on this TuesdayNovember 14, at the “Villa Pamphili Padel Club” in Rome, a meeting of Andrea Samson and Anderson Goode with young people with disabilities – in particular Down syndrome and autism – is scheduled, accompanied by two clubs.

The two athletes will also meet people welcomed by Caritas in Rome, as well as students from the State Institute for the Education of the Deaf and diplomats. Tournaments are also scheduled for late afternoon.

In this Wednesday, November 15, participants will attend the general audience with Pope Francis; In the Thursday15 November, Andrea Samson and Anderson Goode visited the State Institute for Deaf Education “Magarotto” on the outskirts of Rome to get to know the deaf students personally and talk together about issues of inclusion, also through sporting passion.

In the FridayOn November 17, the two American athletes, together with the “21 Luglio” club, will visit a community center converted from a former hay barn in Tor Bella Monaca, a tough area on the outskirts of Rome: the meeting focuses on promoting youth and women and how sport can be a tool, organizers said. Real social growth in the most marginalized and vulnerable communities.

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“Sports Diplomacy”

“Sports Diplomacy” is an initiative of the US State Department: athletes and coaches from various sports federations work with US embassies and consulates around the world to promote a culture of sports, especially among youth, as an experience of integrative solidarity with respect for human rights. To spread diversity. In this context, the Sports Envoy Program highlights athletes who personally champion the fundamental and authentic values ​​of sports. So far, more than 300 “Sports Envoys” representing 24 different sports have participated in this international initiative for social and cultural promotion.

The importance of substitution

Through this initiative, the US Embassy to the Holy See and Athletica Vaticana participate and revive the vision of sport proposed by Pope Francis as a tool for building friendship and solidarity among people in the spirit of “team” and to ensure that no one is excluded or left behind. Padel in particular is an inclusive sporting experience, so people with physical and mental disabilities as well as people housed in Caritas reception centers in Rome also joined the initiative. “Atletica Vaticana” is also an official member of the International Padel Federation.

(Vatican News – MG)