Vatican: “I’m still alive” – ​​Pope Francis leaves hospital in Rome


“I’m still alive” – ​​Pope Francis leaves the hospital in Rome

Pope Francis has been suffering from health problems for a long time. The head of the Catholic Church has spent the past three days in hospital. Now he can return to the Vatican.


Pope Francis had to stay in the hospital for several days.


Pope Francis was released from hospital on Saturday, where he was being treated for bronchitis. He was taken in a white Fiat 500 and told reporters waiting in front of Gemelli’s clinic: “I’m still alive.”

The 86-year-old went to the clinic on Wednesday after experiencing breathing problems during his weekly audience. According to the Vatican, his bronchitis was treated with intravenous antibiotics.

Before his release, the Vatican said, Pope Francis embraced a couple whose daughter died on Friday evening. On Friday, he announced that he would attend a Palm Sunday mass in St. Peter’s Square. It was not clear if the pope would address a homily or whether someone else would deliver his words.

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