July 16, 2024

Vatican Conference on Faith and Science ahead of the UN Climate Summit |  DOMRADIO.DE

Vatican Conference on Faith and Science ahead of the UN Climate Summit | DOMRADIO.DE

Pope Francis and several religious leaders and scholars gather together on Monday for the “Faith and Science – On the Road to Cop26” conference at the Vatican. It should be a contribution to the next United Nations climate conference in November.

At the meeting, participants want to sign a joint appeal for the upcoming UN Climate Conference Cop26 in Glasgow in November. The Vatican announced Friday evening that the Pope will present it in person to Cop26-designate President Alok Sharma and Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on Monday.

An exchange on climate and environmental issues

Therefore, the conference initiative comes from the British and Italian embassies to the Holy See. Since the beginning of the year, monthly virtual meetings have been organized, during which representatives of religion and scholars exchange views on climate and environmental issues. This resulted in a joint appeal, according to the Vatican declaration.

After the formal signature and delivery of the appeal, a closed session will be held on Monday afternoon at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See. And climate researcher in Potsdam, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, wants to get involved, too.

The cry of the earth and the poor

Early in September, Pope Francis called for a greater commitment to climate protection in a joint appeal for the first time with Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I and Anglican President Justin Welby. Church leaders have criticized actions taken so far that have led to biodiversity loss, environmental pollution and climate change.

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So everyone – regardless of faith and worldview – must listen to the “cry of the earth and the poor,” rethink their actions and make meaningful sacrifices for the God-given land.

Is Pope Francis coming to Glasgow?

There has been speculation about a visit by Francis to the 26th Conference of Member States of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the “Conference of the Parties” – COP26 – for short – in Glasgow for some time. His visit has already been announced by the Scottish Bishops Conference, with no confirmation from the Vatican yet.