October 4, 2023

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Valve bans game ratings on images

Valve wants to get rid of in-picture game ratings on Steam. However, reviews can still be viewed.

The basics in brief

  • Valve wants to ban game ratings from images in the Store.
  • However, the option to show game ratings is available.
  • Starting in September, Valve will create a place where ratings can be viewed.

Game developer reviews An important marketing tool. Anyone who sees the highest rating is likely to buy from a trusted reviewer. No wonder developers are sometimes so present in applauding these ratings your products.

It won’t be like that on Steam anymore. Valves are prohibited from September Include logos, awards, and ratings in photos. According to a blog, some logos are too small or so many that it’s hard to see everything. Also, some ratings on the graphics are no longer up to date.

However, reviews do not disappear automatically. Categories are moved to a specially designated place.

Discounts are also no longer welcome on photos. However, an exception is new content, which may be announced.

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