Valorant: Premier Mode Open Beta is coming soon

Some time ago, Riot Games announced the excellent competitive tournament mode for the online action game Valorant. Now it is in open beta around the world.

Riot Games today announced the start date for the open beta for its new competitive tournament mode called ‘Premier’ – and the wait won’t be long. So the starting signal should fall this month on April 25, 2023.

With “Premier,” Riot Games is introducing a new competitive team-based system that allows you to assemble a team in Valorant and compete against other teams in a series of scheduled matches. The team consists of five to seven members; Choosing an opponent should put you against other teams with a similar level of play.

After the roster is created, the team is placed in a section, where the weekly matches are played. Each week the team plays up to two games. Premier points are awarded for each game, and are used to determine a team’s ranking. Teams that win a sufficient number of Premier League matches will have the opportunity to compete in a play-off tournament and be crowned as one of the best teams in their division.

The requirements for the beta are to enable SMS verification, achieve leaderboard position in any act, and find/assemble a full crew. Once lined up, the captain registers the crew and selects an area. The region is used to define the game servers and game schedule for each team.

Championship matches will then take place on the final day of the Global Open Beta, which will feature card selection and a ban system similar to pro matches. Tournament winners earn a special banner and a unique title. But all participants who have played at least one game will also receive a title and banner in the game.

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Then, the next Premier phase is scheduled for July and the actual launch will be in August shortly after VCT Champions 2023.

Valorant – Premier Trailer Global Open Beta

Riot Games has released Premier mode for the global open beta.

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