June 21, 2024

Vaccination against Covid - that's why people over 30 cannot choose to be vaccinated in Aargau - News

Vaccination against Covid – that’s why people over 30 cannot choose to be vaccinated in Aargau – News


Anyone over the age of 30 is vaccinated with Moderna disease. Otherwise, there will be very little Pfizer/Biontech for youngsters, according to the authorities.

For the booster vaccinations against Covid-19 in canton Aargau, all people over the age of 30 have only received the vaccine from Moderna since the end of December. There is no choice – not even for those who received the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine in their first two vaccinations. This “20 Minutes” message caused a lot of sometimes hateful comments in the electronic media on Wednesday morning. Several people canceled their vaccination appointment because they did not receive the required vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech. The so-called cross-vaccination with different vaccines is not without controversy.

The focus on the vaccine makes it easier to plan and coordinate the delivery of doses to vaccination centers, the article quotes a canton spokesperson as saying.

There is very little Pfizer/Biontech for everyone

On Wednesday afternoon, the Aargau authorities explained their approach in a press release: “In January 2022, the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine will be given priority for people under the age of 30.” This is also a recommendation from the Federal Commission on Immunization Issues (EKIF). Thus cross vaccinations are possible.

If 140,000 people under 30 sign up for the booster vaccination in January and choose Pfizer/Biontech, there will be very little vaccine to boost those over 30. Argao is expected to receive 99,000 vaccine doses from Pfizer/Biontech this month, according to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. In the case of the first, second and third vaccinations, the Moderna vaccine is mainly given.

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Vaccination requirement for those under 30 years old

Experience has shown that people under the age of 30 are more likely to develop myocarditis and pericarditis if they have been vaccinated with Moderna. Therefore, this will continue to be injected into Pfizer/Biontech. In doing so, you are strictly adhering to EKIF guidelines, explains Andreas Obrecht, head of the Aargau Covid-19 Programme. “We have to make sure everyone gets the vaccination they need. For men under 30 it has to be Pfizer; for women under 30 it has to be Pfizer. We are free for the rest.”

Once sufficient doses are available from Pfizer/Biontech, everyone should once again be able to choose the vaccine for themselves, according to Obrecht. So far there has been no real freedom of choice in Aargau – and in theory also in other cantons. Since there are sufficient doses of both vaccines, one can choose in practice. The canton does not know how many people have canceled their vaccination appointment in Aargau because they are currently unable to choose. At the moment, Aargau appears to be the only canton that “legalizes” vaccines.