May 23, 2024

User tests AirTag tracking in Great Britain using Post ›Macerkopf

User tests AirTag tracking in Great Britain using Post ›Macerkopf

After taking a final look at AirTag traveling in the Netherlands, we are now planning to tour Great Britain. AirTag owner Kirk McElhearn took Apple’s smart wireless transmitter and mailed it to a friend in another city. He checked how well AirTag was doing on the go. McElhearn also reported how AirTag affects the recipient.

Fotocredit: Apple

AirTag on the go

In one Blog post McElhearn reports that he taped his AirTag onto a piece of cardboard, placed it in a small bubble envelope, and sent it on his way. Kirk lives in the small town of Stratford-upon-Avon and sent an AirTag to a friend near London.

With the Where Is? , McElhearn was able to track his AirTag’s whereabouts, including his arrival at a mail facility and a large mail processing center. Not only is the AirTag travel path interesting, but also the number of Post employees who have an iPhone. Because AirTag is located via the “where is” network, for this purpose it must be near the iPhone device. McElhearn writes:

“It didn’t take long for AirTag to start its journey. At 5:49 am, it started moving around Stratford-upon-Avon, supposed to be loaded onto a truck to take it to the next location. Around 6:40 am, it left town heading north. .

At 7:30 am, he arrives at the South Midlands Post Center, the “highly automated mail processing center”, a huge warehouse-like facility where mail is sorted. The presence of one employee with the iPhone turned on was “Where is it?” It was enough to register this location, but many employees likely had iPhones. “

So that he can regularly track the whereabouts of AirTag, McElhearn has created a text on his Mac that takes a screenshot of the “Where is it?” Who was tracking the AirTag every two minutes. A few days later, AirTag successfully reached his friend near London. The site works well. McElhearn is convinced of the finding and the notes:

“AirTags are not intended to track something in motion; it is not like the Tom Cruise movie, where spies chase a car in a city and see exactly where it is in real time. It is designed to find keys, luggage, or other lost items. My experience shows that you can track these. Hardware to a certain extent. “

AirTag makes itself felt

Apple has a number of built-in parameters designed to prevent AirTags from using unwanted tracking. One of the most important measures Apple takes to prevent unwanted tracking is to notify the user when it detects that AirTag is not paired with an iPhone or their Apple ID has been tracking it for a certain period of time. The exact period of time is unknown, but as McElhearn found it appears to be very long.

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McElhearn explains that he was expecting his friend’s iPhone to inform him that an unknown AirTag was found to be in his possession. But even three days after his friend received AirTag, his iPhone did not inform him of the presence of the unknown tracker. However, his friend heard an audible alarm from AirTag, which is another method Apple uses to alert users to an unknown device.