June 23, 2024

Der «Fuhrpark» von Ken Block

USA: Ken Block with further development of the i20 WRC / Rallye

After driving a Subaru Impreza in the US Championship last year, Ken Block will be driving the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC this new season.

Previously driven by Pierre-Louis Loubet in the World Rally Championship, this Hyundai is just one that the 2C Compétition team has sent out for two seasons. The French team is still in charge of this car and will oversee Hyundai for this unprecedented adventure in the United States.

To maintain a fair performance level for the usual American championship cars, Hyundais were voluntarily weighed more while the electronic differentials were replaced with mechanical ones. Restrictions on supercharging the engine have also been implemented so the tournament organizers are free to ramp up the performance balance with other measures if necessary.

In addition to matching him with this new car, Ken Block will make sure his family is present. He will be accompanied by his wife as well as his 15-year-old daughter, who will drive the Ford Fiesta Rally3 and Ford Fiesta R2T of the Hoonigan Racing Division.

The Block family is competing at the 100 Acre Wood rally this weekend for their debut on gravel in Missouri.

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