November 28, 2023

USA, Großbritannien und Australien gründen neue Sicherheitspartnerschaft

USA, Great Britain and Australia Form a New Security Partnership l KBS WORLD

Photo: Yonhap News

Australia, Great Britain and the United States of America have agreed to form a new trilateral security partnership in the Indo-Pacific region.

It was also agreed to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines.

The background to the agreement is supposed to be the strong will of the United States to bring its allies together in the Indo-Pacific region in order to keep China in check. A senior US official highlighted efforts to strengthen alliances in the region, referring to South Korea.

The US official told the press on Wednesday that the United States will establish a new “Oakos” security partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia as part of efforts to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

The name “AUUKUS” is derived from the names of the three countries.

Great Britain and Australia were among the United States’ oldest allies. The partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of the three countries in the Indo-Pacific region and link them to each other.

In addition to meetings and engagements between senior defense and foreign policy officials, enhanced cooperation in the areas of cyberspace, artificial intelligence and underwater capabilities as well as closer exchange in information technology will also be sought.

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