July 16, 2024

USA, Canada and Mexico: GM cuts production in eight plants

USA, Canada and Mexico: GM cuts production in eight plants

Semiconductor shortages are forcing General Motors to temporarily halt production at eight plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico in September. Depending on the location, the bands should rest for up to two weeks, BBC reports with reference to the company’s communications.

Specifically, there are four plants in the United States, three in Mexico and one in Canada. The affected models include some of the most profitable series from the group’s various brands, including SUVs and pickup trucks that are particularly popular with customers.

The crisis is not over yet

Other manufacturers have also temporarily halted production in the past few months due to a shortage of microchips. The crisis is likely to last a few more months. On Thursday, Volkswagen registered a short-term work of the plant in Emden. Daimler President Ola Kllenius announced that sales in the third quarter will be much weaker than they were in the April-June period. (mir)

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