USA and Canada: Meteorologists warn again of extreme temperatures – Panorama

Von Reed / Agence France-Presse

Tanker drops a firefighter in California.

Photo: dpa/Noah Berger

The heat in the United States and Canada is never ending. On the contrary, meteorologists are again warning of a “dangerous heat wave” and record temperatures have been set.

Von Reed / Agence France-Presse

07/12/2021 – 10:21 am

US/Canada – People in the western United States and Canada are once again affected by the sweltering heat: forecasters warned Sunday of a new “dangerous heat wave” and record temperatures, while wildfires in Canada continued to spread. Train movement in the area has been restricted, some roads have been closed and new evacuation orders have been issued.

“A dangerous heat wave will hit large parts of the western United States – with record temperatures,” the US National Weather Service said on Sunday. Canadian meteorologists have predicted maximum temperatures of 32 degrees in parts of western Canada – well above normal seasonal temperatures.

Nearly 300 fires are currently raging in the affected area in Canada

According to the US Weather Service, a record temperature of 117 degrees Fahrenheit (47.2 degrees) was reached in Las Vegas on Saturday — a temperature that was measured in the desert city once in 1942 and three more times since 2005.

The western United States and Canada were already experiencing a heat wave at the end of June. In the Canadian province of British Columbia, the previous daily temperature record was broken for three consecutive days about two weeks ago. In just the past two days, 50 more fires have broken out in Canada, with the military already battling fires. Nearly 300 fires are currently raging in the area.

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On Sunday, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghubra announced new emergency measures to prevent more wildfires in the region. Among other things, train connections were cut. Trains are a common cause of wildfires due to uncontrolled flying sparks due to poor maintenance.

In the US state of Oregon, the spread of the so-called illegal fire continued in the south over the weekend: according to the US Forest Service, its area has tripled. Dozens of fires are burning in California, too. Last month was the hottest on record in North America. Experts warn of an increase in the frequency of heat waves due to climate change.

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