March 2, 2024

US Senate hearing - US military leaders caught in Republican crosshairs - News

US Senate hearing – US military leaders caught in Republican crosshairs – News


In the United States, General Mark Milley is currently in the public eye. Republicans are demanding his resignation.

Mark Milley has been chief of staff since 2019. He is said to have made contact with China in the past few weeks of Donald Trump in office – alone. This shows a new book now that Millie had to answer questions before the US Senate.

The Republicans on the Military Committee attacked Milley head-on. Senator Marsha Blackburn said the anger among the people was great and many soldiers felt betrayed.

doubts his safety

The General has been under fire for a long time due to the recently published book Disclosure. Accordingly, the senior general is said to have held direct talks with China at the end of last year in order to prevent a possible military escalation. The book says Millie questioned Trump’s sanity.

The Supreme Army is at odds with Biden

Open the chest
Close the box

At the US Senate hearing, Chief of Staff Mark Milley and General Kenneth McKenzie, the US commander in charge of the region, said they personally believed it would be best to leave 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan.

This contradicts what Joe Biden said. In mid-August, shortly after the fall of Kabul, Biden gave an interview to ABC Television. In response to a question about the warnings of military advisers of a very rapid withdrawal of troops, he said that there were different views on the subject. When asked, Biden explained that “none” of his military advisors recommended that he leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

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Neither Millie nor McKenzie wanted to comment at the hearing on what they had advised the president in the secret conversation.

McKenzie made it clear, however, that his personal evaluation shaped his recommendation to the president. Milley emphasized that he had already warned of a very rapid troop withdrawal in the fall of 2020 – and it persists to this day.

Mark Milley confirmed that he spoke to Beijing by phone. But it was only about allaying China’s fears. He worked in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and on behalf of President Trump.

He knew that the president was not planning a misguided attack on China. But the fact that Milley has spoken to the press – and has not denied the statements about Trump’s state of mind, Republicans find them outrageous.

Austin should resign too

As Senator Josh Hawley made clear at the hearing, Republicans are calling for the immediate resignation of Chief of Staff Milley, as well as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin — who blames Republicans for the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The military has become a political battleground in the United States. The credibility of the army leadership has been scratched.