US Secretary of State Blinken meets Sesame Street residents – dpa

WASHINGTON (DPA) – Diplomacy in the children’s room: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken appears again in a video for the children’s program “Sesame Street”.

Blinken posted a short video on his Twitter account talking to Grobi (original name: Grover) about his work as Secretary of State. “I meet people from all over the world and see where they live,” the 59-year-old told the gentle blue monster.

Blinken explains that he sometimes meets people who have to leave their homes because it is no longer safe for them there. According to the minister, many of the refugees are children. The six-year-old twins Nour and Aziz also appeared in the video. They are refugee children from the Rohingya ethnic group.

The still-new dolls were developed to help children in refugee camps in Bangladesh learn. “We had to leave our house,” Dole Aziz tells the politician. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh in fear of brutal military attacks in their home country, Myanmar.

For Blinken, this wasn’t the first appearance with Sesame Street resident Grobi. The two can actually be seen together in a video in 2016. At that time Blinken explained to the blue monster what the United Nations was – at that time Blinken was the US Deputy Secretary of State.

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