July 12, 2024

US Presidential Election 2024 – Americans doubt Biden’s health, according to poll – News

US Presidential Election 2024 – Americans doubt Biden’s health, according to poll – News

  • According to a poll, the majority of Americans surveyed believe that President Joe Biden is not fit enough to take office effectively.
  • 63 percent criticize his mental acuity, and 62 percent criticize his physical condition.
  • Just over 1,000 adults participated in the survey.
  • It was only at the end of April that the 80-year-old Biden announced that he would run for re-election in 2024.

The Washington Post and ABC published the poll on Sunday. Citizens were more positive towards former US President Donald Trump, who also wants to run again in next year’s elections. Most confirmed that the 76-year-old is mentally and physically fit for the position in the White House.

Little support from the Democratic camp

Fifty-four percent rated Trump mentally fit enough, and 64 percent rated him physically fit enough for the state’s highest office. Biden was slightly ahead of his rival elsewhere in the poll: on the question of honesty and trustworthiness. However, neither of the two was able to convince the majority here.

41% rated Biden as honest and trustworthy, compared to 33% for Trump. In general, the incumbent has problems generating enthusiasm among the population for a second term. Even among pro-Democrats, only 36 percent said they would like Biden to be the Democratic nominee for president. 58 percent wanted “someone else.”

Biden with an ad

According to the Washington Post and ABC, 1,006 adults took part in the survey. They were interviewed by phone between April 28 and May 3. Biden announced on April 25 that he would run again in the 2024 election. Biden moved into the White House in 2021 as the oldest president ever.

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He will be 81 at the election in a year and a half, and 86 at the end of a possible second term. Biden’s age and suitability to run again for president has long been a topic of debate, including within his own state. party.


He wants to rule for another four years: US President Joe Biden.

AP Photo/Archive/Patrick Simanski

The Democrat is constantly trying to dispel these concerns. In an interview with MSNBC on Friday, Biden said of his age: “I have gained a lot of wisdom. I know more than the vast majority of people.” He has “more experience than anyone who has ever run for this position.”