US President Joe Biden to have a colonoscopy in hospital

Joe Biden, President of the United States, goes to the hospital for a checkup. Kamala Harris takes over temporarily.

The basics in brief

  • Joe Biden has to go to the hospital for a colonoscopy.
  • He will be under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure.
  • Therefore, he temporarily handed over power to Kamala Harris.

US President Joe Biden (78) will undergo a colonoscopy on Friday. The White House announced that. Biden arrived just before 9:00 a.m. (local time) at Walter Reed Military Hospital, USA Today reports.

A colonoscopy is part of a routine examination. During this time, he will temporarily hand over power to Vice President Kamala Harris, 57. This is because the 78-year-old is under general anesthesia for the duration of the procedure. This was confirmed by press spokeswoman Jen Psaki (42 years).

Harris became the first woman to hold the office of Vice President of the United States in January 2021. This also makes her the first woman to hold the fate of the nation in her own hands as president, at least temporarily. This is in US history.

Joe Biden celebrates his 79th birthday this weekend

She added that George W. Bush (75 years) was subjected to a similar investigation in 2002 and 2007. The former president also handed over power for a brief period at that time.

The White House will then release information about the health of Biden, who turns 79 tomorrow, November 20.

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