June 19, 2024

US military plane crashes in Norway, killing four

US military plane crashes in Norway, killing four

A US military plane crashed during a maneuver in Norway. Four people were killed in the plane crash.

The basics in brief

  • A US military plane crashed in the Nordland region of Norway.
  • Four American citizens were killed.

Four people were killed in a US military plane crash during a training exercise in Norway. This was confirmed by police in the Norwegian county of Nordland on Saturday after a report broadcast by public radio NRK. The dead are said to be US citizens.

Norway head of government Jonas Gahr Store expressed his condolences to the relatives and companions of the victims. “Our deepest sympathies are with the soldiers’ families, relatives and comrades in their unit.” This is what Store wrote about the plane crash Twitter.

The background of the plane crash is blurred

It was not initially clear what caused the crash of the V-22 Osprey. Police announced investigations. The flight took place as part of a cold response exercise.

The main part of defensive drills began on Monday. The maneuver carried out by Germany and many other countries NATO– Participating members are scheduled to end on April 1st. Main activities must be closed first water And go in the air.

The Cold Response takes place every two years in winter conditions in Norway. Approximately 30,000 soldiers participate from 27 countries in NATO and partner nations, including thousands of land, sea and air forces.

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