US immigration – Biden abandons Trump hawkish immigration policy – News

  • US President Joe Biden has made several decisions on immigration policy.
  • He signed three decrees – and rescinded controversial orders from his predecessor, Donald Trump.
  • Among other things, Biden wants to reunite immigrant families who have been separated at the border with Mexico.

“We will work on moral and patriotism
To undo the disgrace of the previous government
Literally – and not metaphorically – children from
“The poor have torn their families apart,” Biden said.

Humanity before border security

Biden created a working group to reunite separated immigrant families at the Mexican border. “Securing our borders does not require that we ignore the humanity of those trying to cross them,” the paper says.

He also ordered a review of Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), which keeps 65,000 asylum seekers in Mexico pending hearings in the United States. It should also facilitate the granting of citizenship to immigrants living in the United States. The government announced that it would review more regulations that would create barriers to legal immigration.

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