December 3, 2023

US: Govt wants abortion law enshrined in constitution

US: Govt wants abortion law enshrined in constitution

After a historic abortion ruling by the highest US court, New York state now wants to enshrine the right to an abortion in its constitution. Additionally, the east coast state’s parliament introduced an amendment to the state constitution on Friday evening (local time) in the capital, Albany.

The extraordinary session was convened by Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul. After half a century, the Supreme Court struck down liberal abortion laws in the United States last month.

Through a decision by constitutional judges, states can now largely or completely ban abortion. Conservative countries took immediate action. Many had already drafted laws that came into force almost automatically with the Supreme Court’s decision. Abortion rights groups have already gone to court challenging restrictive laws in 11 states. States governed by Democrats want to consolidate abortion rights. President Joe Biden spoke in favor of enshrining the right to abortion in federal law across the country.


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