US finds mysterious flying object in China – experts worried

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Suspected spy balloon from China leads to fight with US (thumbnail) © Larry Mayer/The Billings Gazette/AP/dpa

China is further developing its aerial program: The US is inventing entirely new flying objects at a Chinese military base.

WASHINGTON, DC – The United States is investigating another flying object from China. After a spy balloon was launched over the US, it was revealed that China was able to collect more data than initially thought. US satellite images now show the ship flying over the Chinese desert – and experts are worried.

CNN There are images taken in November 2022 that should prove that China could have developed a highly maneuverable and maneuverable flying object. The images showed “a 100-foot-long aircraft in the middle of a nearly kilometer-long runway at a desert military compound in northwestern China.” Many experts have confirmed this.

A new spy balloon developed in China? This worries the US

Oklahoma Aerospace Institute executive director Jamie Jacobs told the broadcaster, “A plane like this could be used as a sky submarine. It appears to have special propulsion and navigation capabilities that allow it to hover in one area for long periods of time.

“You can assume we’re tracking it because it’s material that’s available through satellite imagery,” a defense official told CNN. However, both the Ministry of Defense and the US Secret Service have denied a specific report.

China’s aviation program is apparently expanding

According to satellite images, the over 250 meter long hangar is currently being expanded. American experts such as researcher Eli Hayes observe a shift in China’s use of aircraft carriers from civilian to military.

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“These are not people discussing potential applications or use cases,” Hayes told CNN. Earlier Chinese aircraft carriers were built by research institutes and universities. It is unclear whether universities are also involved in the current development. Received from China CNN According to their own statements, there was no response to the inquiry on the matter. (cat)

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