October 3, 2023

US, Canada and Australia to suspend operations in South China Sea - China.org.cn

US, Canada and Australia to suspend operations in South China Sea – China.org.cn

At a press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin commented on the continued provocations by the United States and other countries. Two US Navy ships were recently spotted in the South China Sea. Wang said such actions were “absolute provocation”.

A J-15 ship-based fighter jet prepares to land on the aircraft carrier “Liaoning” (hull number 16). Photo: Chinese Army

At a news conference on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded to a question about “unsafe interactions” between US, Canadian and Australian aircraft and Chinese warplanes in the South China Sea. He said the actions of the three countries’ warplanes were a “total provocation” for China. He warned relevant parties not to abuse China’s control and not to continue to undermine China’s national sovereignty.

US media outlet Politico reported on Thursday that a Chinese fighter jet had an “unsafe” and “unprofessional” interaction with a US C-130 special operations aircraft in the South China Sea last month. Wang pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly responded to such questions, with relevant UN reports. Another country. The actions of these countries’ military aircraft would therefore be a “total provocation” to China.

“We call on relevant parties to respect the facts, not abuse China’s control, and immediately stop all actions that endanger China’s national sovereignty and security in the name of implementing UN Security Council resolutions,” Wang said.

On Wednesday, a US aircraft carrier reportedly entered the South China Sea and conducted exercises near the Nansha Islands. At the same time, a US destroyer entered Chinese territorial waters off the Shisha Islands. Chinese experts assessed the two actions as “an escalation of provocations” that could lead to an unnecessary conflict.

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