US and UK blame China for Exchange server hack

The British Foreign Secretary speaks of a familiar pattern of behaviour. Threaten to hold China accountable. The United States is fully confident of the participation of the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

The US and UK governments have formally accused China Behind the recent cyber attacks on Exchange Server. Operations performed – and there is one of them Microsoft Convinced – by a hacker group known as Hafnium, which is allegedly backed by the Chinese state.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab spoke of a “cruel but familiar pattern of behaviour”. “The Chinese government must end this systematic cyber vandalism, and should expect to be held accountable if it does not,” Raab said.

One press release According to the White House, the Biden administration “has great confidence that malicious cyber actors associated with the Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China are engaged in cyber espionage operations exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Exchange Server that became known at the beginning of March 2021.”

The attacks on Exchange Server affected more than 30,000 organizations in the United States. The other notable victim was the European Banking Authority.

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