Upgrade and Overhaul Bring Nogaro Racecourse

(MST/Speedmaniacs.de) – On Thursday and Friday, Sector3 Studios distributed more updates to the RaceRoom Racing Experience. Like last time, there is also something new for sim racers as well as general improvements. With Paul Armagnac, also known to many as the Circuit de Nogaro, a new racetrack is also available. Presented with a short video will.

With the latest update, there is an additional track for RaceRoom


The course comes with Grand Prix Circuit, Club Circuit and Caupenne Circuit variants and can be purchased at the RaceRoom Store for €4.98. There is also good news for owners of the Nürburgring, as new track layout is available with Muellenbachschleife.

As can be seen from the change notes for 1.5 GB version, modifications have been made to selected vehicles and roads and AI behavior has been modified. The hotfix delivered Friday removes any initial issues with the HUD route map for Circuit de Nogaro and fixes the bug that caused software crashes and other issues.

RaceRoom – V0.9.3.030- Changelog:
-Nogaro – HUD tracking map alignment fixed
-Formula RaceRoom US – Fixed crash when using solid composite tires
-Fixed an issue with the automatic steering angle setting for Fanatec CSL DD
-Fixed the masking camera that could appear when cycling through the onboard cameras using the enter key
-Fixed the “Offline” message that would appear on the lower left side of the screen when watching a multiplayer race with Ultra HD.

RaceRoom – V0.9.3.029- Changelog:
-New track release: Nogaro (Circuit Paul Armagnac) – Known issue: HUD tracking maps are misaligned and will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
-New layout for the Nuerburgring: Muellenbachschleife (Free upgrade for all Nuerburgring owners)
-Added logging to further investigate crash reports at the end of multiplayer race sessions
-Fixed a game crash that could occur when switching the game from one screen to another
– Paul Ricard – Properties of red and blue runoff materials have now been simulated
-Formula RaceRoom US – Car Preparation Polish
-Tatuus F4 – Car preparation polish to make it less sharp
-AI – Porsche 964 – The pace of the AI ​​is slightly reduced in high-speed turns
-AI – Volkswagen Scirocco – The pace of the AI ​​has been slightly reduced in high-speed turns
-AI – AI-Spa-Francorchamps adjustments
-AI – Monza GP AI disc
-Controllers – The default profile for Fanatec CSL DD now uses the Hardware ID for the wheelbase while set to PC mode instead of CSW compatible mode

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