July 15, 2024

Unveiling the royal court of the Crusader Kings 3

Unveiling the royal court of the Crusader Kings 3

“Crusader Kings 3” players can look forward to the first major expansion, “Royal Court”. There is also an info and a trailer.

Paradox Interactive has now announced the first major expansion of the medieval simulator “Crusader Kings 3”. It is about the “royal court”, which has not yet been scheduled and can be seen in the trailer. The expansion is accompanied by a major free update that includes a new cultural interface, among other things. She says, “The king’s life does not consist solely of holidays and battles. The larger the court, the more investigations are brought before the ruler. The disciples and subjects are asked in public, petitions somehow find their way to the throne room let alone the whole interior. Lots of material. How players will rule. Their playground? ”

He adds, “In Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court, players face all of these new challenges as their entourage compete for the king. Royal Court is the first major expansion of Crusader Kings 3, the highly acclaimed strategy role-playing game of Paradox, a development studio about the medieval world.” Powerful rulers can create a royal court that inspires the troubadours, decorates it with traces of family history, and rewards people who are committed to solutions to their many problems. “

Advantages of the royal court

  • Throne Hall: The visual representation of the royal court will reflect the concentrated majestic power and prestige of the dynasty.
  • Court Contract: Players interact with vassals and courtiers when they come to them with their problems and seek a royal judgment.
  • Splendor: Players increase the quality of life on their court with extravagant facilities and high-quality food to impress their competitors and attract higher value guests.
  • Inspiring People: Talented artists, craftsmen and thinkers can work on new projects and add treasures and antiques to the farm.
  • Hybrid Cultures: Players bring together the best of a multicultural world and develop new ways of life specially adapted to their population and geography.
  • Cultural difference: Rulers move away from their traditional culture and adapt it to something new that better suits their aspirations.
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