July 16, 2024

United States: US President Joe Biden submitted his second veto of his term

United States: US President Joe Biden submitted his second veto of his term

America US President Joe Biden is using the veto for the second time in his term

US President Joe Biden wants to use the veto to protect the far-reaching powers of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Photograph

© Patrick Semansky/AP

Since the beginning of the year, Republicans have regained control of the US House of Representatives. After all, President Biden wants to secure his environmental policy with a veto against new majorities.

US President Joe Biden used his second veto of his term yesterday. It’s about a resolution that violates Biden’s mandate to protect water. With the order, Biden’s administration gave the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency more expansive powers to protect water bodies from pollution.

Mostly Republicans, but also some Democrats, have described the guidance as too restrictive and burdensome on agriculture, CNN reports. The resolution was previously passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

It was the second veto of Biden’s tenure and the second in as many weeks. With his first veto, the president defended a policy that would have allowed pension fund managers to consider factors such as climate change, environmental protection and social impacts in their investment decisions.

With his vetoes, Biden is trying to assert his policy against the new majority in the House of Representatives, where Republicans have been in control since the beginning of the year.