December 1, 2023

United States - Trump promises: "This is just the beginning"

United States – Trump promises: “This is just the beginning”

United States of America

Trump promises: ‘This is just the beginning’ – and causes an uproar with controversial pardon

The former president promises to return. What is he planning with former chief strategist Steve Bannon?

He says goodbye to outgoing President Donald Trump next to his wife Melania – but declares that he wants to return right away.

Joe Cavaretta/AFP

It was not the last appearance of Donald Trump. Despite her end as president of the United States. But Trump made clear in his farewell address on Wednesday: “We’ll be back.” How exactly, the former president is now left open. But he told his followers: “This is just the beginning.” And: “I will always fight for you.”

Trump did not participate in the inauguration of his successor. He announced long before that he would break this tradition. Because Trump still does not accept the election result. He won the election, and is said to have told his advisors on his last day in office.

Good wishes – and lots of self-praise

But Trump, for his farewell address, used an unusually conciliatory tone — but he didn’t skimp on self-praise: Trump said what his administration had achieved was “amazing in every way”. “Four years are incredible,” he said. Even if Trump did not mention his successor Joe Biden by name once during the speech, he wished the new administration success.

You can get that, because in the end it builds on what he left behind. Trump concluded his speech by saying, “I wish you a good life.” “We’ll see each other soon.” Then he headed to his property in Palm Beach, Florida, where he and his family would reside from now on. According to US media, Trump reportedly left a message for future White House residents.

The outgoing head of state’s legacy also includes a number of controversial pardons. Trump handed out dozens in the final stages of his term. One thing in particular is causing a stir: that of Steve Bannon. Trump’s former chief strategist has been charged with fraud. Bannon is said to have transferred funds in connection with donations to build the border wall with Mexico.

Will the former strategist be useful to Trump again?

Bannon is one of the most influential voices in the ultra-conservative camp in America. He played a major role in Trump’s election victory in 2016. He then moved to the White House as one of the most important advisors. However, he disagreed with the president. In one of the books, Bannon was quoted as having been harassing Trump’s children. He described his daughter Ivanka as “stupid as a brick”. Trump fired Bannon in his first year in office.

So the pardon is surprising. At least at first glance. Second, the still influential Breitbart founder could be very useful to Trump in the future, if he really wants to stay on the political stage. Recently, Bannon supported and published Trump’s false allegations about his alleged victory in the presidential election. It is said that both of them returned to the conversation recently.

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