June 21, 2024

Donald Trump threatens a new problem: investigations into a million dollar villa at the wrong value

United States of America: Donald Trump faces a new problem! Investigate a villa in the millions at a bogus value

Is it clear that Donald Trump’s mansion in New York has been given too high a value? In any case, the former president is once again targeted by American prosecutors.

Munich – You thought Donald Trump knew about finances. More surprisingly, the former US president is once again the main part of prosecutors’ investigations. It is said that the value of his villa “Seven Springs” has been incorrectly stated. That reports that Wall Street Journal. Accordingly, the area that houses the building has been included in the US tax rolls with a sum of $ 19 million.

Trump reportedly gave her $ 291 million in 2012. That makes a difference of $ 272 million. The value is appropriate for Trump’s mandatory tax levies. The 74-year-old bought the property in 1995 for $ 7.5 million. Prosecutors in New York are said to have sent summonses to officials who have been or are associated with “Seven Springs” in December 2020.

In later times, such as the presidency, it was given a much lower value of $ 25 million to $ 50 million. It’s still quite high compared to the tax rolls.

DONALD TRUMP: The property has to be a luxury resort

The property measures approximately 3,600 sq ft and is located in Westchester County. Trump has long been trying to turn the property into a luxury resort – to no avail. The facility’s investigation is said to be part of a comprehensive criminal investigation against Trump. This should also include real estate financial transactions. Among other things, Trump Tower in New York in Manhattan.

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Media reports that local attorney Cyrus Vance extended the investigation into Trump’s actions to “Seven Springs” were already available in January. Another evaluation of it Wall Street Journal In addition to recording a phone conversation with Trump, the latter was said to have tried to influence the chief investigator from Georgia on his behalf. “Something bad happened. The local attorney general’s office has now launched an investigation. So it won’t be any quieter with the 45th President of the United States.” (Ta)