June 16, 2024

United Kingdom: The British invent a new dessert for Queen Elizabeth

United Kingdom: The British invent a new dessert for Queen Elizabeth

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s throne, British confectioners are asked to make a special “candy”. But it is not so easy on the island.

Almost everyone loves chocolate. The Queen is also known to have a penchant for sweets. This fondness sparked a very special competition in the UK this year. Confectioners all over the country have been invited to create a new dessert to celebrate the king’s 70th jubilee, which takes place in February and will be celebrated in June. The official title of the competition: “The Queen’s Platinum Pudding Contest”.

However, anyone who thinks confectioners are now embarking on a new pudding in honor of the Queen is mistaken. Because the term pudding is used on the island for all kinds of desserts. If a pudding is served for dessert in a restaurant, then surely it can be ice cream or a piece of cake. There is almost no limit to the imagination of the participants.

For the Queen: Sweets can be more than just sweets

But how did it happen that in the kingdom today, sweets can be so much more than just sweets? The term pudding is used to describe savory dishes, which are often cooked in a piece of cloth, and which can be both savory and sweet. The term dessert has been reserved for sweet dishes such as chocolate mousse or sherbet. But over time, the line between the two terms became blurred. In other words: If someone asks: “What is pudding?” They simply want to know what a sweetener is.

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Here’s something that really happened: Queen Elizabeth II, who can be bitten off by herself, is here as a sweet decorative figure on a cake.

Photo: Aaron Chun, PA Wire / dpa

One of the island’s most popular desserts is Christmas Pudding, also known as Plum Pudding. This dessert should not be missed from any Christmas dinner. It is similar to a fruit cake, but it is not baked, but steamed or boiled. So this dessert is more of a dumpling than a cake. Ingredients include dried fruit, candied citrus peel, and cooking apples. Additionally, the sweet dumplings are fortified with alcohol and smeared with a brandy butter sauce. So this dessert is very rich and therefore ‘very, very British’.

Prince George moved the large bowl very violently

And so this dish should not be missed from the Queen’s Christmas festivities. Two years ago, six-year-old Prince George, son of Prince William and Duchess Kate, was allowed to help bake the traditional cake. The video clip shows the Queen watching intently, but then backs off when George stirred the large bowl too violently to satisfy her. Fans were less skeptical. The short video has been shared thousands of times.

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What dessert will be there in June for the Queen’s royal jubilee and whether Prince George will help prepare it has yet to be decided. In any case, experts advise confectioners of the country to add some seasonal fruits to the dessert. And chocolate should not be missing, just because the king loves to eat it.

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