April 25, 2024

United Kingdom: Police rescue 18 people from refrigerated trucks

United Kingdom: Police rescue 18 people from refrigerated trucks

English police released 18 people from the hold of a refrigerated truck on Tuesday. The driver had noticed people in his car near Peterborough, in the east of England, and reported officials. One of them said there were no injuries and everyone was fine Notice from Cambridgeshire Police. They were handed over to the immigration authorities.

“Stories like this may be horrific, but they show that slavery and people smuggling is real,” she said. The press release does not provide any additional information about the perpetrators or the nationality of the victims. The accident follows a similar incident last week in which three men were rescued from the back of a truck on the A14 motorway near Brampton.

Time and time again in Great Britain people are smuggled into the country in trucks or pass unnoticed in the cargo hold. The case of 39 people from Vietnam, who were found dead in an airtight truck trailer in the southeast of the country in October 2019, caused a sensation. The smugglers were sentenced to prison terms of up to 27 years.

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