United Kingdom – Coronation of Charles III. Includes other religions and languages ​​for the first time

At the coronation of Charles III. It aims to pay particular tribute to the diversity of the United Kingdom. (Imago Images/Paul Marriott)

This reflects the diversity of the United Kingdom, said the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who will preside over the May 6 ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Representatives of the Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, as well as Sikh religions should actively assist in shaping the programme. There will also be words in Welsh and Gaelic. According to the information, the coronation ceremonies mainly follow the Christian liturgy. At the end of the ceremony, representatives of other faiths will say a word of greeting together and explain to Charles that “as neighbors in the faith, they recognize the value of serving the community.” Christian leaders, including those of the Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Scottish Free Churches, would convey their wishes to the new king. As Britain’s first Hindu Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak will read an extract from the Bible. Scottish Prime Minister Hamza Yusuf will also attend. He is the first Muslim head of government in Western Europe.

This message was broadcast on the Deutschlandfunk Kultur on May 2, 2023.

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