November 28, 2023

Uni as a circle for science and art

Uni as a circle for science and art


On Friday, the new director of the “circus of knowledge” at Kepler University was introduced: Eran Berg. According to University President Meinhard Lucas, theater for children, youth and youth at the heart of the university should move the university as an arena of science and art.

The Circus of Knowledge opened at the beginning of September and aims to make science and art easily accessible to children and the young at heart, says Lucas: “Plays, performances, and circus performances can be real — whatever serves to impart knowledge.”

The Circus of Knowledge is located in a multifunctional wooden building that can accommodate up to 300 people on campus. The loop or stage is directed inward and outward. It can be opened onto the courtyard of the Auhof castle via a large sliding gate.


From left: Christopher Lindinger (Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Researchers), Eran Berg, Meinhard Lucas (JFK President), Bernadette Weinreich (JKU Science Holidays Project Leader)

“One often thinks Theatreort is an elite place, a university, and only for really academic people – but this place is open to everyone,” says Berge. When it comes to imparting knowledge, there are different levels of communication. This will make it possible to present very complex topics in a simplified way and make them understandable.

Life is linked to science and art

For Berg, the relationship between art and science is also a matter of course in the family. He currently lives in Vienna and Istanbul and is married to a physics teacher. Her daughter is studying arts and sciences in The Hague (Netherlands). More recently, the Cultural Director was also responsible for the Upper Austrian “Festival of the Regions” and was the Artistic Director of the Performing Arts at Linz09.

Dance & Bubble Test Tubes

Through her ‘Knowledge Circus’, she now has a year-round forum where children, along with their parents, can discover the world of science,” says Bernadette Weinreich, who organizes science holidays. The concrete program will be laid out in the coming months, but vice-chancellor Christopher Lindinger said, “We tell the stories of great researchers, there’s dancing, there’s test tubes pouring into the stage, and we paint colorful pictures of the future together.”

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