September 30, 2023

UNHCR supports peace between Ireland and Northern Ireland

UNHCR supports peace between Ireland and Northern Ireland

Even nearly 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement was signed, peace within Ireland cannot be taken for granted. A newly launched program provides ongoing support to the Peace and Reconciliation Commission between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Cross-border cooperation under the name PEACE PLUS is supported by €235 million of European Regional Cooperation funds of the European Regional Development Fund.

PEACE PLUS combines previous INTERREG and PEACE funding chains for the period 2021-2027. Combined with the UK’s financial commitment and additional co-financing from Ireland and Northern Ireland, the total investment is €1.1 billion.

The main areas of the program

Building peaceful societies

Economic renewal and transformation

Empowerment and investment in youth

Healthy and inclusive societies

Supporting a sustainable and better connected future

Building and consolidating partnership and cooperation

Local partnerships help with implementation.

Keeping peace for 25 years

Over the past 25 years, the European Union has funded comprehensive peace programs under the Policy of Cohesion to support and encourage the peace process on both sides of the Irish border. In the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, the EU and UK committed to continuing the program under the 2021-2027 Multi-Year Financial Framework.

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