October 3, 2023

Unfortunately, there is no free beer after all: WhatsApp email scam

Unfortunately, there is no free beer after all: WhatsApp email scam

June 19 is Father’s Day in the UK, and cybercriminals have devised a scam to get personal information from parents on their special day. The bait: a fridge full of beer.

In the UK, a Father’s Day scam is currently making the rounds on WhatsApp: criminals posing as representatives of the beer brand Heineken and preparing the first 5,000 participants with a free fridge full of beer in time for Father’s Day (in the UK on the third Sunday in June). However, Heineken itself has asserted that it is a scam designed to trick real consumers into giving criminals their banking and personal information.

“This is another hidden example of cybercriminals taking advantage of our interests and feeding us a free offer,” said Ian McShane, Arctic Wolf’s vice president of strategy. Scammers are experts at getting into our heads. They use social media and other best practices to learn more about our likes and interests. Problem: Free beer is almost never available. Instead, scammers steal our personal information to use in their criminal activities. So we must We all exercise extreme vigilance and caution when presenting our details to strangers—especially if the show sounds too good to be true.”


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