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Ulm / New Ulm / Toronto: 50 years ago, Ulm and New Ulm celebrated Carnival in Canada

Ulm / New Ulm / Toronto: 50 years ago, Ulm and New Ulm celebrated Carnival in Canada

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Possibly the craziest carnival story in Ulm and No Ulm took place 6,500 kilometers away. About an unusual excursion and its highlights.

In the end, he was an honorary Indian chief of Ulm and an Indian leader an honorary member of the Senate of the Great Carnival Society.
New Olm
, The two men swapped the fool’s hat for a hoodie. Forty years ago, perhaps the craziest Carnival story happened in the Twin Cities, 6,500 kilometers and ten hours by plane. Not for the actual carnival season, but in September and October 1971. At the invitation of Canadian associations, Carnival Friends of Ulm and New-Ulm traveled from Stuttgart to Toronto using the Air Canada DC8 nozzle scissors. Helga Malischowski, a member of Ulm city council, recalls that some fellow travelers took out a loan for this purpose, which Neu-Ulmer Sparkasse offered specifically for this.

Her husband, Joe Maleshowski, was the president of the Carnival Association and after the main trip, Gara Inga Awa, which means everyone’s friend. A picture shows him smoking a pipe of Indian Mohawk. Photo taken by Horst Horger – at the time and still today as their photographer New Ulmer Zeitung In use. He accompanied the trip across the pool and provided photos for two special pages at NoseHe wrote the lyrics and was in Toronto by the Canadian German Radio chin Interview. He and other German journalists should write about their impressions in Canada. chin It still radiates today, Sunday morning from 7 to 8 am “The morning hour is in her mouth,” with mediator Olli Jesske.

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Karnvalsgesellschaft Ulm / Neu-Ulm on a major tour of Canada in September 1971 with shows in Toronto and the Hamilton Industrial City.  There was also Joe Maleshowski, the company’s president at the time, and General Manager Alguer from Ulm.

Canada Tour of the Grand Carnival Ulm / Neu-Ulm 1971

Photo: Horst Horger

Carnival in Canada: Singing and sharing at an altitude of 13,000 meters

Our newspaper report, issued on October 8, 1971, said the journey began a little awkwardly: the box containing the “artist’s luggage” for the carnivalists did not fit the plane, as it was a centimeter long. Passengers had to refill, and there were two hours of delay due to fog. The first highlights of the way were already: the brass beer band
The pilot sang. And Franz Sonnenberger and Gisela Cooper became engaged – at an altitude of 13,000 meters. There was also a toast, not too short: When the plane landed in Toronto, there were only two bottles of mint. “Everything else is gone,” says Helga Malyshowski.

The Canadian media provided extensive coverage of the guests of Olympic and No-Ulm.

Photo: Horst Horger

Traveling companions still have key tour dates ready for delivery nearly 50 years later. “Those who were there at the time still talk about it today,” says Helga Malyshowski. The year before, she and her husband had accompanied the Zigeunerinsel Stuttgart community on their Canada tour. “On the trip home, I noticed how it worked for my husband,” recalls a city councilor in Ulm. Joe Malischewski made contact and traveled two more times to North America to organize. And Air Canada had borne the costs, as Ulm and No-Ulm residents finally rented the machine for their Carnival cruise. If you want to travel, you have to pay 1,100 marks. That was a lot of money, but everything included: flight, accommodation, and food. 120 active persons and 30 accompanying persons attended. Franciscan priest from Klosterl in the western part of Ulm Park coaches
Then we went to the Stuttgart airport.

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Radio and television reports on the Grand Carnival Association in Ulm / New Ulm

GKGU made six appearances, as the Carnival Society was shortened. The regulation was always by a host club. In the Hamilton Industrial City, for example, Olmer and No Olmer performed in front of 3,200 guests. “When GKGU moved, it was so hot that Munich
Faded, “notes Horst Horger. The city celebrated its 125th anniversary, the guests of honor at the Oktoberfest, which was popular in Canada at the time, came from the Danube.

Ulm Gard girls march in Hamilton Industrial City.

Photo: Horst Horger

There were other appearances in Toronto and Scarborough, at that time it was still a separate city and was now incorporated into Toronto. The Great Carnival Society reported that radio and television accompanied the performances of the Grand Carnival Association almost every day. New Ulmer Zeitung. Helga Maleshowski recalls that in Canada there were many people of German descent and many carnival fans. The band marching in the uniform of the city soldiers was received a special welcome: “These were the big stars there.” Canadians have been inundated with praise and enthusiasm, as North American newspaper reports have since shown.

The promise of “fun and comfort all day” is the first-ever Oktoberfest in Scarborough. “We carnivalists, known as goons, have crossed the great ocean to please the people and to make people forget their daily worries,” said an invitation by Joe Maleshowski. And: “That is why we invite from the ocean, the Danube, Eller and Blau, strong ULAU friends.” The program included Waltz’s music to “Kiss Me Kate”, The Weisse Rössel and The Beer Band with real German singing music and much more.

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The head of Carnival Ulm at the time, Joe Malichowski, invited the program in Scarborough.

Photo: Horst Horger

Canada Tour: Shows and excursions were part of the program

The trip not only included appearances, but also expeditions. For example, to an Indian reserve on an island in the Gulf of Georgia and Niagara Falls. Carnival president Joe Maleshowski swam in a barrel – “to everyone’s delight.” Tin plates, table flags, and whole barrels of Ulm beer and other souvenirs were exchanged on the way. A separate Carnival order was also drawn up: with the minister, the coat of arms of the city of Ulm and No-Ulm and the city council of Toronto on it. The city of Ulm even sent a representative with them to Canada: Gerhard Allgwer, head of the bureau.

Große Karnevalsgesellschaft Ulm / Neu-Ulm still exists, but it is not nearly as large as it was at the time: the Danube Witch Fools Guild belongs to the association.

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