June 21, 2024

Ukraine conflict - US report on Ukraine: This is what Russia's deployment should look like - News

Ukraine conflict – US report on Ukraine: This is what Russia’s deployment should look like – News

  • Up to 175,000 soldiers and 100 tactical battalions, including tanks, artillery and equipment: This is what the Kremlin’s plan to attack Ukraine should look like, according to a Washington Post report.
  • The newspaper notes, among other things, a US intelligence report it has.
  • Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has announced sweeping measures that will make it more difficult for Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

Accompanying satellite imagery shows Russia is amassing troops and equipment at four locations near the border with Ukraine, according to the Washington Post. Already 50 tactical battalions with about 70,000 soldiers have been transferred. At the beginning of next year, Moscow wanted to be ready for a possible military attack that could come from several wings.

The United States and Russia: a planned virtual meeting

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According to the Kremlin, he is working hard on a virtual meeting between President Vladimir Putin and his American colleague Joe Biden.

This could happen most likely in the next week, according to Interfax, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday in Moscow. The date and time have yet to be agreed with the US side. Putin plans to travel to India for talks on Monday.

Putin and Biden met at their first summit in Geneva in June. According to Pisco, the planned meeting will now be in an online format. The relationship between Moscow and Washington is strained by more conflicts and sanctions than it has been for decades.

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The United States has been warning of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine for days

US President Biden told reporters at Camp David that he was preparing “the most comprehensive and significant series of initiatives to make it very difficult for Mr. Putin to do what he so fears.” The US government has been warning for days of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine.