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Two weeks later, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has already lost his first cabinet member. Foreign Secretary Gavin Williamson resigned on Tuesday evening, without a portfolio at the Cabinet table.

The Conservative MP has come under pressure over the past few days with various allegations of bullying. Sunak Williamson recently expressed his conviction but described his choice of words in text messages to a party friend as “unacceptable”. However, he insisted that he wanted to wait for the results of the internal investigation.

Conservative confusion

After further allegations were made on Tuesday, Williamson has now taken the consequences himself. “I reject the statements contained in these allegations, but I recognize that this government is detracting from the good work it does for the British people,” Williamson wrote in his resignation letter to the prime minister.

Williamson’s resignation may cast doubt on whether Sunak is in a position to steer his conservative ruling party, which has recently been deeply divided and mired in chaos, into calmer waters. He took over the post two weeks ago from Liz Truss, who was forced to resign by her own faction after seven weeks in office. In early September, Truss became the only candidate to succeed Boris Johnson, who was ousted by numerous scandals.

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