UK: Pink Sheep – Panorama

Nothing is permanent, especially hair. Grows up to an inch per month. This makes them the perfect testing ground for what hairdressers like to call: “type change”. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong, as anyone who’s tried to fix a henna hair disaster with a massive anti-dandruff shampoo knows. My own hair once shined a hideous cherry red, and with every wash, some vegetable dye came out with difficulty, a muddy consistency of mud that was lovingly applied to the strands.

A comforting thought with all these accidents: even asymmetrical cuts or aubergine shades will inevitably be a thing of the past at some point. With this knowledge, you can better deal with a husband’s comment to a friend after trying a permanent wave: “You look like a sheep.”

Which brings us to a herd of Valais black nose sheep that until recently grazed undisturbed in Barnsley, Northern England. Very beautiful animals: black muzzle, black spots on legs, otherwise brilliant white fur. Meanwhile, farmer Richard Nicholson’s animals are also bewitched by a bright pink lump, the result of rubbing their sheep’s heads on the freshly painted feed trough. According to the English media, Nicholson no longer relies on the old hairdresser’s wisdom (“it will grow back”), but has set up his own farmer’s rule: one more rain, then it washes off again.

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