September 30, 2023

UK: Labor sits out Chung

Opposition Leader Keir Starmer has moved Labor politically to the center and wants to benefit primarily from the Tory government’s weaknesses.

Photo: AFP

Waiting for political rivals to make mistakes rather than taking initiatives of your own has often proven to be an appropriate strategy for maintaining or increasing approval ratings. This is also currently evident in Great Britain, where the Tories and their pale Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, deliver credibly in this sense. Sunak is not a confused native like Boris Johnson. But he was part of his team, and partly responsible for the Brexit trend and right-wing rhetoric the Tories have now absorbed. Like many weak leaders, Sunak selects government employees primarily on the basis of personal loyalty rather than talent.

In Europe, right-wing populist slogans against refugees and the poor, translated into real politics since the Johnson era, now have a real impact on the reality of British life. From energy prices to the health care crisis to crumbling schools, the country’s situation is a template for labor. But opposition leader Keir Starmer doesn’t want to fight but wants to avoid wrongdoing. Only to eventually win the surveys.

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