July 16, 2024

UK does not join Macron’s ‘political community’ – EURACTIV.com

UK does not join Macron’s ‘political community’ – EURACTIV.com

On Tuesday, British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss rejected Britain’s offer of membership in the “European political community” proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The decision comes amid suspicions that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be interested in joining.

Truss dismissed Elysee’s reports that Johnson had expressed interest in Johnson’s involvement in the initiative after meeting with Macron on the sidelines of the G7 summit during an inquiry by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

Macron introduced the “political community” as an alternative to EU members, saying the idea could unite states that share similar values ​​with the EU in trade, rule of law and freedom of movement “from Britain to Ukraine”.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s office insisted that the government’s position on the independence movement, which ended when Britain left the EU, had not changed.

Some observers have suggested that Macron’s idea could be a way for future British governments to resume close ties with the EU.

On the contrary, Truss said strengthening the role of NATO and the G7 was Britain’s priority.

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