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British Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Dominic Raab has resigned amid allegations of bullying. He was responding to the findings of an inquiry report into his conduct as a minister. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ordered an inquiry after allegations of former rap workers came to light.

In a resignation letter posted on Twitter on Friday, Raab insisted he accepted the report’s findings but continued to deny allegations of bullying. The report was handed over to Sunak on Thursday, but its contents were not initially known.

Of the many charges, only two were found to be justified, Raab wrote. However, Rapp said the assessor “not once in four and a half years have I insulted or yelled at anyone, thrown objects or otherwise physically threatened or intentionally humiliated anyone.”

Robb did not say which allegations were confirmed. But he thinks that conclusion is wrong. Defining bullying at such a low threshold also sets a dangerous precedent, he wrote. However, he apologized for “any unintended stress” he brought to the judiciary “through speed, standards or challenges”.

Rapp is the third senior Sunak government member to resign over personal conduct. Sunak has been in office since October. After learning of the allegations against him, Rob asked for a hearing in November. Sunak later hired a lawyer to independently review the allegations.

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