December 1, 2023

UK: Boris Johnson collects speed tickets like Snowflakes

UK: Boris Johnson collects speed tickets like Snowflakes

And it is: the British Prime Minister was once the worst parking offender. He does not have to pay for the ticket.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is known as an avid cyclist who turned the expansion of the cycling network into a project close to his heart when he was mayor of London, and wants to express himself in helmets and racing bikes. In the good old days, when he was a little popular, he actually wrote a car article for a men’s magazine. GQ. Opinions were divided: there were “over 100 incredibly fun” texts, says Dylan Jones, a former author who hired Johnson in 1999. The website, on the other hand, judged him to be the worst car journalist in the world The lyrics have always been sexist. He rated an Indian car in the style of an expert: “The hottest thing not to come with papadoms from Bangalore.”

“000 4000 for tickets”

So what, and why does one still worry, that man wants to write only car passages or disappear into India on a bike? It depends on the current Dylan Jones Sunday Times He blunted that the column had become too expensive due to the continuous illegal parking: “I once calculated that Boris had spent about 4 4,000 on parking tickets in a decade.” Time explained.

But it’s very interesting: he wondered why Johnson did not get a fast ticket, Jones said. Until he finds out: Johnson did not move the cars. Wrongly stopped, and then briskly written. A lot of snow has fallen since then, but the man seems to have been true to himself. If you do not worry about the penalty, it will cost more than you think. But his ex-client did not regret the promise. The lyrics were worth it …

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