December 3, 2023

UK booster vaccinations now from 40 years old

UK booster vaccinations now from 40 years old

/ Photo Alliance,, Steve Taylor

LONDON In the UK, future coronavirus booster vaccinations will be offered to everyone over the age of 40. Health Minister Sajid Javid made the announcement yesterday in London following a recommendation from the National Immunization Committee.

Experts also advised that children aged 16 to 17 should be given a second vaccine. The minister said all parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland wanted to follow the recommendations.

In the UK, more than 12.6 million people have received a booster vaccination. However, so far it has been reserved for people over 50 years of age and groups at increased risk. Such vaccines are an important tool in the fight against a new wave of infection.

In the UK, the number of new coronavirus infections has been at a relatively high level since the summer. The seven-day incidence rate – the number of new infections per 100,000 population within a week – was last given 354.

Contrary to what happened in Germany, there is no clear upward trend to be seen there. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the infection rate on Monday was 303. © dpa /

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