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UK Animal Welfare Act: Vertebrates have feelings

UK Animal Welfare Act: Vertebrates have feelings

Updated: 06/22/2021 – 10:19 PM

An important sign to the world
Vertebrates have feelings too: Britain’s new animal welfare law

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A new law in the UK calls for animal welfare to improve the lives of many vertebrates.

In Great Britain, a new animal welfare law aims to protect the welfare of vertebrates. The country wants to learn about the emotional world of animals.

with the new Animal Welfare Act of Great Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to make the country a leader in animal welfare. The bill recognizes the emotional well-being of animals and assures that they are aware of their feelings. With this law passed, Britain will not be the first country to do so Emotional world of animals acknowledges.

The UK Animal Welfare Act applies to all vertebrates affected by a spinal cord

Britain’s Environment Minister George Eustice told the Sunday Telegraph that the law concerned spinal vertebrates. He called the move an “important signal to the world” and stressed that Minister Johnson was the first prime minister to put animal welfare on his political agenda.

Other voices claim that the prime minister is campaigning for animals primarily because of his fiancée, Carrie Symonds. The politician’s motives remain open, but one thing is clear: the law is a huge step forward in animal welfare.

Tougher penalties for cruelty to animals and an end to fur imports

The law also increases the penalty for cruelty to animals from six months to five years in prison. This makes the regulations stricter than those of British Commonwealth partner Australia, which recently served up to two years in prison for animal cruelty.

This act is just the beginning of an animal welfare strategy by the UK government. Another bill bans the import of hunting and fur trophies. Additionally, primates are no longer kept as pets or cats that have to be treated with an electronic chip.

Contrary to what Johnson likes to claim, the UK is not exactly a leader in the new law. The European Union passed a very similar law in 2009 describing animals as sensitive. The Treaty of Lisbon aims to protect the spiritual well-being of animals throughout the European Union.

Criticism of animal protection laws in the European Union

by doing Treaty of Lisbon Above all, the lives of farm animals must be improved. Therefore animals should be free from hunger, thirst, pain, fear and stress. But factory farming in many European countries seems to be particularly ignorant of these points. So animal rights activists talk about state-sanctioned cruelty to animals.

On German farms, an average of 763 million animals die every year. The Swiss Albert Foundation for Our Environment reports on “violent breeding practices” in which animals’ basic needs are ignored.

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