Two Wins at Spielberg: IronForce Racing Celebration by Phoenix

Two wins at Spielberg
IronForce Racing by Phoenix Celebrates

The winner of the third round of the Porsche Carrera Deutschland Cup is Dylan Pereira (IronForce Racing by Phoenix). Luxembourgers snatched their first win of the season on Saturday at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

Dylan Pereira’s third race of the season was a complete success: “At first I stayed close to Luke Hartog and managed to pass shortly afterwards. In the last stage I pressed Lorraine Heinrich again. I couldn’t afford to make a mistake, but thanks to my experience I stayed calm”, As he says. Porsche Junior Lauren Heinrich (Germany/SSR Huber Racing) took second place in the 375 kW (510 hp) Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Third place went to Dutchman Luke Hartog (Black Falcon) in the ADAC GT Masters. Jan-Erik Slooten (Germany/IronForce Racing by Phoenix) celebrated his first win in the ProAm class.

In the mountainous landscape of Styria, the 32-vehicle arena provided a great backdrop for motorsport. For the first time in his career, Hartog was at the center stage in the German one-man-made cup. However, after only two rounds there was a change in the lead. Pereira passed the 19-year-old in the inner lane. Shortly thereafter, Heinrich also left the Black Falcon pilot behind. There were no further overtaking maneuvers up front because Pereira made a head start and then defended smartly in the later stages. After 21 laps, Pereira narrowly won by 0.23 seconds over Heinrich. “My qualifiers were somewhat mixed since fourth, but my goal was still on the podium. Honestly, I didn’t think I would fight for victory in the end,” sums up Heinrich of Würzburg.

ProAm Class Premiere Victory

With third place, Hartog perfected the second podium finish of his career in the Porsche Carrera Deutschland Cup. “Everyone who starts from first wants to win naturally. But it was important to me to see that I had the speed for the leading group. In front of me, Dylan Pereira, multi-race winner at the Red Bull Ring, and Laurin Heinrich, the current Porsche Junior car. Third place. It’s a fantastic result,” said Hartog, who is one of eight drivers in the one-cup talent squad. Defending champion Larry Ten Fordy (GP Elite Team) crossed the finish line in fourth place. Young men Maurice Schoring (Netherlands/SSR Huber Racing) and Bastian Buus (Denmark/Allied Racing) came behind the Dutchman. Germany’s Michael Amermüller (SSR Huber Racing) finished the race in seventh place, ahead of Rudy van Buren (Netherlands/Huber Racing).

There was a premiere win in the ProAm class. Jan-Erik Slooten won his classification for the first time on a Formula 1 circuit with a length of 4,318 km. “Immediately after the start, I saw a gap to beat Carlos Rivas. That was successful and it was decisive. Together with Dylan Pereira’s first place, the double win is a huge success for our team,” said the popular YouTuber. Georgi Donchev (Bulgaria/Hupper Racing) and current ProAm Champion Carlos Rivas (Luxembourg/Black Falcon) took the other two spots on the ProAm podium.

The fourth race of the season in the Porsche Carrera Deutschland Cup begins on Sunday at 2:30 pm local time. 17-year-old Schoring takes center stage for the first time. Heinrich (70 points) starts as table leader from second place. NITRO shows the race live on free German TV and reports from the Red Bull Ring from 2:30pm. The race will also be broadcast live on RTL+, the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland channel on YouTube, and on the Porsche Motorsport Hub.

Race result Round 3, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

1. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg/Iron Force Racing via Phoenix)
2 – Laurin Heinrich (Germany / SSR Huber Racing)
3 – Luke Hartog (Netherlands / Black Falcon)
4. Larry Ten Fordy (Netherlands / GP Elite Team)
5. Maurice Schoring (Netherlands / SSR Huber Racing)
6. Bastian Bos (Denmark / Allied Racing)
7. Michael Amermüller (Germany / SSR Huber Racing)
8 – Rudi van Buren (Netherlands / Huber Racing)
9. Max van Splentren (Netherlands / GP Elite Team)
10. Lorcan Hanafin (Great Britain / Fach Auto Tech)

Score after 3 out of 16 points

Driver Rating
1. Laurin Heinrich (Germany / SSR Huber Racing) 70 points
2. Dylan Pereira (Luxembourg / Iron Force Racing via Phoenix) 58 points
3. Maurice Schering (Netherlands / SSR Huber Racing) 42 points

rookie class
1. Alexander Fach (Switzerland / Fach Auto Tech) 70 points
2. Lorcan Hanafin (Great Britain / Fakh Auto Tech) 56 points
3. Alexander Tauscher (Germany / Allied Racing) 41 points

ProAm . class
1. Carlos Rivas (Luxembourg / Black Falcon) 66 points
2. Jan-Eric Sloten (Germany / Iron Force Racing via Phoenix) 65 points
3. Ahmad Al-Shehab (Kuwait / CarTech Motorsport by Nigrin) 42 points

team result
1. SSR Huber Racing 112 points
2. Elite GP team, 65 points
3. Iron Force Racing from Phoenix 60 points

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