Two Olby schools are involved in a joint venture

Olby. Kreissportbund Olpe organized two diverse days for students of the Max von der Grün Schule and Municipal Gymnasium Olpe.

The project was set up as part of a volunteer social year by Moritz Hücking at the district sports association. With the support of the Federal Program “Integration through Sport” funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Society (BMI), the idea can be implemented.

Licensed trainer and director of rehabilitation sports Heiko Striehl traveled to the Olby region with special wheelchairs and other equipment to organize two days of sports with the participants. The 30 students not only got to know each other over the two days, but also immersed themselves in a whole new experience of wheelchair sports and rugby.

At the beginning, the experienced leader briefly explained how the sport appeared more than 50 years ago in Canada. After that, some important rules are explained, which the participants eventually put into practice.

The game began immediately, for which a volleyball and special wheelchairs were used, which, for example, protect the feet and hands from impact and could instantly turn over. Designed to withstand even the toughest interventions. Because physical contact was not allowed, but wheelchair collision was used to stop the opponent bravely and cheerfully.

All participants enjoyed this sport and managed to collect a lot of new impressions. The sports teachers of both schools and the specialists of the Olpe District Sports Association strive to create the project as a regular annual show.

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