July 12, 2024

Two new players expand the German broadcasting scene – ADZINE

Two new players expand the German broadcasting scene – ADZINE

Paramount Plus falls under the umbrella of media giant Viacom CBS, which has been running an ad-supported version of its service in the US since June. However, in this country, Paramount Plus must be bookable as an add-on package via Sky. Viacom CBS has entered into a collaboration with Comcast to facilitate start-up in the DACH, Great Britain, Ireland and Italy markets.

As part of the collaboration, Sky is contributing exclusive content, as Paramount Plus also has a lot to offer itself. Among other things, the program has cult hits like Southpark or all series and movies from the Star Trek universe. However, Viacom CBS is not completely inexperienced in Europe, as the group also includes Pluto TV, which already operates in Germany and is responsible for most of the growth of the in-house broadcasting business in terms of users and sales.

Roku has also announced an expansion in Germany. Details are unclear, but the service should start this year. Arthur Van Rist, Roku’s International Vice President, promised to announce “a lot of exciting news for Germany” in the coming weeks.

Roku is one of the largest OTT service providers from the USA. The platform competes with sticks from Amazon or Apple, among other things, and brings together a wide range of video-on-demand offerings. These include Netflix or Sky, where Roku also operates its own channels. The Company markets usage data that is generated on its advertising platform. It’s possible that Roku has already made a name for itself in the ad technology scene by purchasing demand-side platform (DSP) Dataxu at the end of 2019 in order to boost its own ad ecosystem. With Oneview, the new DSP was introduced from the world of Roku six months later.

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