April 25, 2024

Two new offensive powers for Bolzano - ICEHL

Two new offensive powers for Bolzano – ICEHL

Diego Gluck must reinforce Bolzano’s attack.

HCB Südtirol Alperia continues to “rejuvenate” and sign stormy talents Diego Gluck, who is in his second year in a Foxes jersey, and Leonardo Felicity, a new signing for the 2022/23 season.

Diego Gluck came to Talverstadt for the first time last year. The striker, born in 1999, made each substitution and scored two goals, one in the league and one in the hockey league. During the season he played eight times in AlpsHL in the Val Gardena jersey: he grew up there and scored 32 points in 136 games in previous years, 20 of them in the 2021/22 season alone. In between, he gained experience in the United States in the 2018 WSHL League with the Long Beach Bombers (61 points from 58 games).

“I immediately found my feet in Bolzano and was positively received by the fans,” Gluck said. “I have been looking forward to the new season since the end of last season, because we all have a lot to make up: the goal is to improve more and get a regular place. Next season will be a fresh start: Tony (Bernard) has retired, there will be many new faces in the team and I am convinced that Team building will be very important from the start. It takes a strong team spirit, both on and off the ice. There will also be another remedy, the duels with Asiago. I am looking forward to that and also the participation of another Italian team in ICE, because it is an opportunity for us young players and every movement Ice hockey to evolve further.”

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Youngest player on the team

With Leonardo Felicity, FC Bolzano signed a very talented player who was able to prove his skills in a few matches last season. Felicity is the first “born in the year 2000” that Foxes have offered a necklace. During the 2021/22 season, it was used six times between the Championship and the Champions Hockey League. He also scored his first goal in the white and red shirt on November 2, 2021.

Felicity started his career in Vaasa’s youth teams, after his hiatus as a young boy at Iserlon, the 22-year-old returned to Vaasa for good in 2020. His “return” in two years for AlpsHL was 34 points in 77 games. He also played seven matches for the Italian national team last season.

Leonardo Felicity is the Foxes’ latest signature.

Felicity explains: “My assignments last year were definitely an extra incentive to develop myself further and secure a contract for the current year, it was a huge experience. To sign for Salzburg, to participate in the Champions Hockey League and to play alongside players like Halmo and Findlay, it was all fantastic.” Leo is ready to work hard: “I want to earn a regular place in the team and, over the years, become the best player I can be. I can still learn a lot from people with a lot of experience, and I’ve also felt the affection of the fans over the past year and that has surprised me. A lot. The fans in Bolzano are very demanding and the pressure is enormous, but it is also a challenge. The negative result of last season should be an incentive to give the maximum.”