May 18, 2024

Two Japanese universities detect inappropriate behavior in academic papers

Fukui and Chiba universities announced that they had found inappropriate behavior in a review of six research papers. The two Japanese universities held press conferences to announce the results of their internal investigations.

It has been explicitly stated that the procedures are contrary to the ethics of scientists and violate trust in science. However, the universities did not provide the names of those involved and claimed that there was no foul play.

disciplinary measures

Universities are considering disciplinary action against those involved. They also advised the professor to withdraw four more articles in addition to the two already withdrawn articles.

According to the universities, there was no bias in the research results because there was no encouragement or planning to participate Advantage in the peer review process to provide. Deficiencies were revealed in the process of evaluating reviews.

statements of those involved

Concerned professors commented on the events, saying that they wanted to vindicate the reviewers and save time and effort. affiliate Vice Chancellor of Fukui University Shinichiro Suye apologized at the press conference for the great loss of credibility of the research while kneeling.

Also Rector of Chiba University Koichi Fujie is surprised by the misconduct and wants to prevent it in the future by requiring faculty members to attend an ethics course on peer review. Otherwise, the research money will be cut off.