Turn off the heat, no meat

A supermarket in London: High inflation could push more than a million Britons below the poverty line this year.
Image: EPA

Turn off the heat, stop eating meat, and ride the hot bus all day – this is how many Britons are trying to react to rising costs. The call for additional help from the government is growing stronger.

Poor citizens turn off the heat, go only for discounts, and some abandon food altogether for savings: rapidly rising prices are a severe burden on millions of British consumers. Monica, a Polish woman who works as a housemaid in south London, complains that “our energy bills were staggeringly high and food prices soared.” “Everyone I know is only talking about increased prices,” he says. Her income is not enough and now she works on Saturdays as well. Friends are thinking about how to save. “Some people turn off electrical appliances to save electricity. We don’t eat meat anymore, it’s very expensive, “said Monica.

In a TV interview this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confronted the case of 77-year-old LC, who now rides the bus for several days using her free ticket: it’s nice and hot, but she can no longer warm her up. Apartment houses. Johnson understood the concerns of the people. However, he did not guarantee greater social benefits at the expense of taxpayers. The strongest economy with the highest pay is the best defense. After all, unemployment is very low and there is almost full employment.

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